I am starting my first column category on the site, called “My Roots, Cape Verde” where I’ll share some of the best findings from my home country Cape Verde.

Although I was born in Europe, most of my family comes from my ancestrial home Cape Verde, and this is the place that I truly claim to be from. I was raised to be proud of Cape Verde it’s excellent culture, food and specially the amazing quality and music output. It’s incredible how a country so tiny can output so much music, and manage to affect so many people.

The biggest star to come out of Cape Verde is Cesaria Evora. The barefoot diva, as she was known. Unfortunately Cesaria has past away in 2011 (may she rest in peace).

I shall dwelve more on Cesaria Evora soon, as I truly want to take my time and make it count, but today I’d like to introduce you to one of her spiritual succesors and one of my favourite Cape Verdian artists making waves at the moment Mayra Andrade.

[highlighted_p boxed=”false” center=”false”]Mayra has a beautiful voice, showcasing talent in spades, she is bringing an edgy intrepertation of classics and creating classics of her own with a new sound, that still sounds very much Cape Verdian.[/highlighted_p]

Have a listen and watch the video below to get a feel for one of the island in Cape Verde (Santiago) if you like, please let a comment with your thoughts.