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Sidewalk Chalk interpretation of Kendrick Lamar’s “Alright” on the back of a truck

Sidewalk Chalk brings the Kendrick Lamar hit “Alright” back to this kind of natural, spontaneous setting. Depicted in an almost cartoon-like setup, the band sits in the back of a pickup truck on the side of the road. How did they get there? Maybe they were driving to a gig and just decided to stop and jam for a bit. At least that’s the vibe they wanted to convey in this video; it’s a really nice thought to have. All of these elements work together to pay respect to Kendrick’s work and construct an original take on the tune at the same time. Below the original…

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The Smoothness of Lowtone Society

I remember when I first came across this band over the summer. For about a week, they were all I listened to, which is a little absurd because they have very little recorded material available. I was essentially going back and forth between two music videos. I just could not get enough of Lowtone Society – could not get enough of those cool jazzy sounds and those soulful melodies. To be honest, I still find myself coming back to these same videos; Lowtone Society has something I just can’t get enough of.

Below one of those videos I couldn’t stop watch….Smooth!